MyMembers Privacy Policy

Effective Date: 2024-05-03

Information We Collect

We collect and process the following types of personal information:

  • Legal Information: Legal full name, birth date, and sex, collected for compliance with legal and medical requirements.
  • Contact Information: Email address (also used as username), residential and mailing addresses, and phone numbers, collected for communication purposes, service delivery, and product shipments.
  • Emergency Contact Information: Names, phone numbers, and emails of emergency contacts, collected to be used in case of an emergency.
  • Payment Information: Payment method details including Stripe Payment Method ID, the last four digits of your credit card, expiration month and year, card brand, and funding type are collected through Stripe Inc. We do not retain full credit card numbers or any other personal financial data in our systems.

Purpose of Use

Your personal information is used for the following specific purposes:

  • Legal and Medical Necessity: To fulfill legal obligations and address medical emergencies where treatments may differ based on biological sex. This information also supports certain insurance coverage requirements.
  • Service Delivery: To manage memberships, facilitate product deliveries, and maintain communication about the programs you participate in.
  • Login Authentication: To provide secure access to our services using a magic link sent to your email, eliminating the need for password storage.

Disclosure of Information

Your personal information may be shared with the following parties:

  • Membership Organizations: National, territorial, and provincial sport organizations from which you purchase memberships or other services. This includes clubs and programs you join through our platform.
  • Service Providers: Vendors such as insurance providers and apparel retailers involved in providing services or products related to your membership. This information is used for processing transactions, managing insurance coverage, and fulfilling orders.
  • Authorized Verifiers: Entities authorized to verify membership status, accessing limited information such as your name and membership status.
  • Government Agencies: Governmental bodies may require access to your information for legal or regulatory compliance.

User Control and Access

You have the following rights and options for managing your personal information:

  • Payment Information: You can add or remove payment methods at any time through our user interface.
  • Personal Information Updates: If you need to update or correct your personal or contact information, please reach out to our support team for assistance.

Data Security

We employ top-tier security measures to protect your data. All information is stored in secure facilities with restricted access and encrypted transfers, safeguarding your personal information against unauthorized access and data breaches.

International Data Transfer

While we do not actively transfer your data across international borders, accessing our services from outside Canada involves data transmission over the internet, which is inherently global in nature.

Cookies and Tracking

We utilize cookies solely to manage authentication sessions via JSON Web Tokens (JWT). These cookies are essential for maintaining your logged-in status and do not track personal browsing activities.

Changes to This Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be updated to reflect changes in our practices or regulatory requirements. Any amendments will be communicated through our platform's notification system and will take effect immediately upon their announcement.

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